Lucky Bucks Coupon Book is The Original coupon book of Tangipahoa Parish and has been around for 27 years. It was originally started for SLU and is still distributed there twice a year to students and faculty. Lucky Bucks has a great deal for everyone! Whether you’re a business trying to gain more income, or a family, student or professional trying to save a “buck”, we have lots of deals for you! Keep a book in your car or purse and thumb through it every time you go for lunch or dinner. We have coupons for party supplies, dance wear, hair salons, smoothies, inflatables, gyms, car washes and so much more! 65,000 books are printed twice a year and distributed to all schools and local businesses, banks and churches in the Parish.

Email us at lbtoo@yahoo.com or call us at 985-869-0383